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Shropshire Children's Services Procedures Manual

Junior Individual Saving Accounts for Looked After Children

Junior individual saving accounts for looked-after children - Statutory Guidance on Junior ISAs for children and young people who have been in local authority care for 12 months or more.

The Government have contributed £200 to open a Junior ISA for each eligible looked after child throughout the United Kingdom. All children under your responsibility, who have been continuously in care for at least a year and who do not have a Child Trust Fund, are eligible for a Junior ISA.

Independent Reviewing Officers should ensure local authorities carry out their duty as good corporate parents so that children who are eligible for a Junior ISA receive funding and, where appropriate, they and their carers and parents receive suitable advice about their accounts, both while they are looked after and when they cease to be looked after.

The Share Foundation

The Share Foundation runs the Junior ISA scheme for children and young people in care (known as 'Looked After') on behalf of the Department for Education. The Share Foundation opens the account in the name of the child and manages it until they reach 18 years or leave care. The Department for Education has contracted The Share Foundation to administer the scheme until the end of March 2019.